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Breeding is much complex issue today all over the world. It seems easy but not as we think. It is endeavoured in this article to enhance the understanding between breeders and breeding categorically. So as we know the breeding is complex and sophisticated issue. One thing is necessary for the breeding that is experience. Experience is the key for the breeding. It is right to say, less experience may cause the more deaths in breeding. A breeder should keep in mind some things which are stated in this article.

During breeding a breeder must be more careful regarding the health of his pet/dam. When dam get pregnant it must needs medical examination periodically. Ignorance may be a risk for her/his own dam. During the period of pregnancy extra ordinary care of dam is required. In some cases the owner can bear the money losses and the death of dam. In forthcoming paragraphs we will discuss the common risks which can be faced by a dam during pregnancy.

Some times dams get Haemorrhage, low Calcium, and Mastitis, fever or toxics. A breeder most often not takes care as required which lead to him a dreadful end. A dangerous disorder of late pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure, albuminuria, and fits can be happened with the dam so. Take care in trimester and feed the dam properly. In some cases dam stop eating in last trimester. In such cases you must visit your vet and made examine of your dam. It must be done from first day to delivery and after that.

Severe weather conditions could be harmful for the dam during pregnancy. Acute cold and hot weather may disorder the temperature of the pet’s body and it may bring fever. When it happens dam will be slag and stop eating and sullenness can be felt by her way of act. Only proper treatment is the best remedy. Some times epidemic broken out which affect the pet severely. In such cases you must need to extra ordinary care of your pet. Gradually when a new breeder gets old he has experience and experience earn with the passage of time. Time, money and care are three main factor of breeding. Breeding is not as easy as we think. Hurdles comes in the way of man, but Ernest Hemingway said, ‘’ a man can be destroyed but not defeated’’.

At the end it is concluded that a breeder must know how to breed before going to breed a dam. Money and time be wasted if a breeder has no experience. It is a process which required certain amount of knowledge of breeding. You can never breed properly and smoothly until you have not a certain amount of knowledge of breeding.

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