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Every new breeder is a student. Breeding is a vast subject of science and genetic knowledge and art as well, the hobby and the devotion to the pet. Every litter make the breeder more experts in breeding. There is nothing impossible in the world if the man would be resolute. For a new breeder is necessary to spend more and more time to learn breeding. Every new one gets old with the passage of time. At the end they become canine specialist. What are the things to learn?

• General behavior

• Health

• Genetic concern

• Temperament

• Type

• Appearance

• Training

• Health care

AThe things mentioned above are the most important for a breeder to learn. These things learnt by the passage of time. Breeding is a time consuming and toilsome work. First of all a new breeder should be aware to check the general behaviour of a dog. Practice makes the man perfect. Experience is the name of practices. General behaviour of a dog can be observed with the keen interest in the dog’s movements during the day, a week. Health is another matter. It requires pre breed tests. Genetic concerns can be discovered by a well known vet. Temperament and type two things but act together. The temperament of a dog varies with the type. Appearance should be according to the wish of a breeder, when you go to breed a dog chose dog according to your image as you have in mind. Good looking appearance of a dog can breed beautiful pet.

Training of a pet is most difficult job in the breeding. But it is not impossible because a man can be tame a lion it is just a dog. How you can train your canine for training read our training articles. And for health and care our articles related health and care also available on this site. Above mention things should be in mind when a new breeder starts breed a pet. In other articles we discuss all above mention things and debate with all aspect of said things. For more information read other articles related to all these subjects which are narrated above. Keep in touch with us for a better training.

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