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First Date of Labor

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(This date about goes unnoticed, and takes abode in the 24 hours afterward temperature drop.)

Temperature FINALLY drops to 98°F from its accustomed 99, 100, 101°F (you should accept been demography it consistently for a few days). If you are absolutely committed, the temperature demography does work. You will acquisition her temperature about 99 to 101, and as anon as it starts to bead beneath 99 and continues to bead (now you yield it every hour or two) you accept about 12-24 hours from the alpha of the drop. If it cheers out to 98 or 97.9, afresh you accept about 2-12 hours.

What to Do

1. You may acquisition your dam abundant added active and not able to get comfortable. She will be amplitude out on her side.

2. You may acquisition her eyes different; they will dilate, and she will beam at you. She may not wish you out of the sight of her. She may go to her whelping box.

3. She may vomit. She may try to accept a bowel movement from the pressure. She may defecate frequently. She will be debris to eat and seek a quiet spot, like a closet or beneath a bed.

4. She may accept some fungus discharge, and her vulva breadth will become puffy.

5. The accustomed physique temperature for animals is about college than for humans. The accustomed abdominal temperature of a dog is 99.5° to 102.5°F. The accustomed temperature of a puppy at bearing is 96-97°F. The temperature gradually increases with age until it is 100°F at four weeks of age.

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