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A good business man does his home work before launching his business. What is home work of a business man? He takes stock of the market, predict his future on the ground of reality, he must think about the compensation if he gets the loss. Choice of place for business his first step. Same like a business man a good breeder must know about his home work. He should do his homework before proceeding to breed a dog. Here are some questions which can be helpful for a breeder. He must ask all these questions to himself and if he gives answers to himself in ‘yes’ then he can start breeding. The questions are as follows:

1. Can I have a good home for the pup?

2. Either I have enough and good knowledge to care for the litter correctly, including vaccinations and behavioral civilization?

3. Can I have enough money for the prescribed health checks/tests for the dam before mating (if needed) and litter?

4. Do I know sufficient to help the dam during the whelping, if required?

5. Can I afford to pay for a cesarean should the dam has difficulty whelping the litter?

6. Can I manage with a very large litter of four and more puppies?

7. Am I stand at a position to take back home any puppies if it required?

8. Have I gotten sufficient knowledge advice new breeders about the various aspects of caring for their canines, rearing, diet, and training and health problems?

9. Have I sufficient time to mange all above considerations?

When a breeder have the answers of these questions in ‘yes’ then another things are as follow which should be considerable for a breeder to be a responsible breeder. These considerations can infuse an inspiration in a breeder if acted upon by a breeder whole heartedly and honestly. Before proceeding to the breeding it is necessary to read once these considerations. It will bring many things in front of you to be a pure and responsible breeder.

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