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Considerations before Mating a Dog

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Hi! Are you proceeding to mate a dog? Stop for a while and think have you prepared your dog with all the important considerations which are most mandatory for a beneficial mating. Here are some considerations which are vital and should be reviewed before mating a dog. What are the considerations do you know? Let me give you a guideline in the form of considerations for mating. The said considerations are as follows:

1. The most prominent factor in dog mating is the age factor. Age of a canine is most important for mating. The age of dog/dam must be above four months but it is also very young and at this age dogs don't get fertility. With the passage of time the fertility grows in the manifold. Premature mating has always been fruitless. It can be risky for the health of the dogs or the litter. In some cases dogs awarded with the plenty of death in premature mating. Dog owners should work according to the guideline and never permit a dog to mate until it reaches at the climax of youth. Approximate age of different breed is given here. Read it and permit your dog to mate with respect to its breed age category. (Large Dog Breeds: +- 18 to 24 months old), (Small Dog Breeds: +- 12 to 18 months old) and (Medium Dog Breeds: +- 15 to 18 months old).

2. Health is wealth and healthy dogs can mate correctly and save the litter too. It is another most important feature in dog mating Healthy and a fertilize dog at about up to 10 years can be used as a stud. Bitch never used for a breeding after 5 years old. It is not sensible to permit a dog to mate when these ages have been passed away. If you are proceeding beyond the limit must ensure that following has done in advance. The weight of a bitch should be according to her build and age. Too thin batches have limited resources to feed a litter and care for them. Heavy weight canine looked at problems at the time of labor and pregnancy. A healthy canine is going to save you a lot on veterinary fees. A male dog should also be normal weight

3. The dog should be well in cleanliness and sanitation it is also a factor of consideration before mating a dog. Just before the commencement of the heat cycle of a bitch a thorough bath is must for her. The hairs around the vulva must be trimmed for a better mating and will make sure a hygienic entry with no any impediment. The male dog must also be bathed in detail prior and the hair in the region covering the dick trimmed away. The male genitals must be hygienic neat will help put a stop to the any infection being passed to the bitch during mating. Never give food to the stud dog prior the mating. There is a possibility canine may vomit during the mating process.

4. It is also most mandatory for a breeder when he wants to proceed for mating a dog; he must visit his regular vet with his bitch for a medical examination. The vet will examine the bitch on a medical basis and tell you either your bitch has a genetic problem which can be transferred to the litter or not. The medical examination is more important than any other factor. It should be done by a good enough vet prior mating a dog. Here are two simplest and important tests are recommended by vet.

a. An easy microscopic test of vaginal cells called vaginal smear exam it perceive changes in cell look and numbers. This test is reliable because it is in vogue from many years. It is non-invasive and does not cause distress for the bitch.

b. Here is another test called Blood test. Changes in the progesterone level in the blood are concluded by this test. It is popular for its accuracy and much easier than the vaginal smear test. The blood analysis gives an actual acceptable indication if mating is a lot of acceptable to be acknowledged and is actual advantageous for females that accept a history of unsuccessful mating or for breeding dogs that accept to .pass through significant distance to the stud dog.

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