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How you can get a good choice? Meet with responsible breeders for some good suggestions and visit nearest club for advice. Frequently visit and watch the contest of dogs which are offered by different organizations and kennel Clubs. It will be helpful to choose a pet as you yearn. Here are some important considerations for your better help to choose your favorite canine for breed. The choice of a dog is the most important pre-breed factor, to meet this factor in the best way we work for many years and then we are able to give guidelines to the interested breeders. Some useful suggestions are as follows:

How to Choose Dog for Breeding

How to choose a dam/stud for breed.

Keep in mind following point whenever you want to buy a dam/dog for breed:

1. Should be good physical condition.

2. Know how many litters have had the dam. (Good breeder takes 2 litters in the whole life of the dam).

3. Check that both parents of the puppies offered for sale have been cardiac checked and have tested heart murmur free! (If Holters are available in your country then demand to for ancestors scores, (the lower is the best and 0 is ideal), if they have better score of their thyroid and hips) demand to show the appropriate papers.

4. Check the pedigree of the canine (The more dogs in the pedigree that lived for 10 years has the best possibility your puppies have to live long life also).

5. The Pup/Canine should look fleshy and in good physical shape, with loose flexible skin, clear eyes, and a loose coat (pull up the skin on the pups back to see if it very soft and gentle). Healthy canine at about six to eight weeks should have a “warm and comfortable” odor and clean breath. Canine should be friendly and good-natured; they must not be shy or shrink in a corner. (remember puppies can be dozy if just awakened) Do not buy a puppy if there are any puppies that are in poor health in the litter.

6. The mother has a good-natured and joyful, not timid or violent and looks in good condition (Bear in mind she may be a little thin and her coat may be sparse as she has just gone through feeding and caring for this litter, and she may also be a bit safeguarding if the puppies are still young.)

7. Be guided by the breeder on which puppy would be the most appropriate for your family condition. (All pups have different nature and the most prevailing puppy in the litter would not be the most appropriate for children. Or the most slag puppy not suitable for a couple who lead very active lives).

8. If the pups have been permitted into the house to let them to become habituated to home noises, and if they have been in contact with children as well as adults.

9. The canine must have been fully vet checked and received their first vaccination.

10. At the buying time, the age of canine should be 04 month at least. (A dog that leaves earlier has not time to fully socialize with its siblings and develop a set nature, and may become dog violent as it rises).

11. When you come to collect your pup you should receive a Puppy Packet which should contain.

a. DIET SHEET - it is most important for the welfare of your pup that he has the correct diet to help him grow and stay healthy for life.

b. Advice sheet on how to care for your pup when you get house correct accommodation, warm up program, instructions/training.

Puppy's Pedigree and Registration Papers (Either it is a full registration if you are showing and/or breeding, or Limited Registration if you want a pet only (Obedience and Agility dogs only need Limited Registration papers).

12. Certificate of Inoculation.

13. A guarantee of continued service to you and your pup.

After having you a dam/stud of your best choice, next step is Pre – Breed Tests of the dam. Some pre-breed tests are such as follow:

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