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In home breeding is most common in different countries. For this kind of breeding a breeder must know about the sanitation of the place where wants to breed a dam. As an experienced breeders know that growing puppies required certain changes in sanitation. Sanitation improves the quality of life and decrease the stress of a canine. Provision of neat and safe environment for breeding decrease the stress and improve the health of the dam and puppies. A breeder must know and set a programme for sanitation. It may be weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Programme should be comprehensive and covers all aspects of the sanitation required for a better breeding.

Sanitized environment gives comfort to the dog and has less risk of the illness. Puppies always implanted with their early micro flora environment from their dam and milieu. It is mandatory to manage such things for the better and the vigorous beginning of puppies. Radiations of potential transferable means of infection depend on the type of contact and susceptibility of the host puppies/dam. Factors which affect the likelihood of infection of the dam include age, dietary status, unsusceptible to health, and environmental factors like season, overcrowding, ventilation, and sanitation. For example, increases in seasonal humidity can affect the incidence of mastitis, metritis, and neonatal mortality.

At least five days prior whelping, breeder takes the bitch to the whelping area as she becomes habituated the new environmentent if the whelping area different and new for bitch. This action is necessary to lodge and build own area onset of labor. The whelping area should be sanitized clear clean and temperature controlled 70º F regardless of season and weather condition. When a dam whelped in early few weeks the bedding of the dam should be changed many times in a day. News paper type bedding never uses when puppies start to move. As puppies grow day by day and want to explore their surrounding and environment. Never stop them, they should be allowed to walk and move around the dam’s environment. In the beginning puppies are very fragile and caught by diseases very soon. A neat environment gives them the healthy life. Therefore, for a better breed a breeder must take care more than normal for a good and smooth breeding.

Hygienically conditions depend upon the general cleaning. With the environment sanitation hygienically cleanliness is most important. Environmental cleanliness gives the pet hygiene cleanliness. To give bathe your dam is necessary for the hygiene cleanliness. You can manage bathing period of a dog by yourself. Either you can give bath daily of weekly to the dog. How to give the bath? It can be a concern most breeders. Read here is the procedure for bath of a dam. First of all remove dog and bedding. Then clear organic material, sweep/ vacuum hair, wash nonporous surface with hot water and non irritating soap, disinfect area with non-toxic disinfectant, replace bedding and return dam to the lodge. Clean environment produces the energetic and vigour offspring always. Be clean and sanitized breeder and have a good puppies and dogs.

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