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Best Time to Mate a Dog/Dam

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In every field of life correct timing plays a fundamental role to make the correct decision is the in the life for the success. A correct timing is a key feature in dog breeding also. Most of the breeders not know what the correct time to mate a dog is. For our innocent breeder we are here to advise them and suggesting them correct timing of mating a dog. After reading this article a breeder can do practical things related to breeding without the help of a vet. A dog’s full phase will explain in another article related Dog’s heat cycle. Here we just discuss on the other topics related timing. I hope it will be very helpful to a breeder to know about the best time to mate their dogs/dams. The purpose of this article is to discuss in full detail of the best timing to mate a dog for a healthy litter in a smooth way as hereditary capability of a dam permit.

Your passion to become a breeder is nothing else an idiot thought until you have not enough knowledge about all the dogs. When you have a satisfactory knowledge about the dogs, and have chosen your breeding stock and are waiting for just the right time. When accurately is the correct time to let the dog to mate, and what should you expect during this time until your dog is expecting? Here is the some thing below to readable and fulfill your requirements to know about the correct time of mating a dog/dam.

When your girl reached at the age of six months you should understand here is a time for female to begin coming into heat this is called a heat cycle of a dam it can vary from one breed to another breed. Before you go to mate a dam you should aware off some signs and symptoms which are described in this article categorically to make you good breeder. Please must discuss with a vet prior to mate a dog or read carefully article and meet other breeders to learn about the correct time to mate a dog. There should be wrong with your dog which can be ends a disaster. So know about your dogs behavioral stages then decide to mate a dam/dog. It will be discussed in upcoming paragraphs in full detail. There are two most significant dam’s behavioral stages which are requiring certain attention prior mate. It is endeavored here to write something helpful on the Dogs behavioral stages. What are the two most important dam’s behavioral stages? If you yearn to learn about mating a dog and time to mate carefully read this article. The discussion on Pro-estrus and estrus stages of a dam’s cycle is the two prominent behavioral stages. The both are described here in an easy way. These stages as below:

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