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Abnormalities of Dog Pregnancy

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There are many reasons of abnormalities in dog’s pregnancy. When you have mate successfully and are satisfied that the pregnancy has took place into the dam. But after some days you face an abortion then you must think about what was the reason of it. So who has spent a lot of time and money just for a healthy litter, all these situations are awful for a breeder. Why it happen? Have you think about. To familiarize the breeders with this kind of abnormalities in dog’s pregnancy I have strive to write some vital here. The coming paragraph is the total discussion on the abnormalities. You must read it and to be mind full about the abnormalities’ reasons and the preventions of such abnormalities.

The resorption is generally occurs when before twenty five to thirty five days a fetus dies after ovulation. 11% in dogs the resorption rate of the all litter has been reported. When after thirty five days Festus die the abortion occurs. Increased echogenicity of the embryonic fluid is the signs of fetal death, cardiac activity loss, fetal activity loss, fetal structures detail’s loss, conceptus and uterine wall and intrauterine or fetal gas collapsed and ultrasound can be used to monitor fetal progress. The dog’s embryo grows 1 mili metter/day from seventeenth to thirtieth days after LH climax; the growth is exponential after it. It is expected, there is a great chance in fetus to be resorbed or aborted. There is a great possibility for the fetus to be resorbed or aborted if the growth or progress of fetal body not observed two or more days after when it is expected. In veterinary medicine the abnormalities of fetal congenital has been often and frequently reported. Slowing of the heart beat rate is manifested or fetal stress due to hyposxia, it can occur during dystocia. If the heart rate drops below 180 bpm the fetal distress is sever always. The ultrasonographic actualization of the column partum uterus has been described, but appraisal of uterine is rarely adumbrated in an accepted practice. The actualization of a retained placenta has not been described; luminal contents and the placenta would a lot of acceptable alloy into the uterine bank. In the dog, the sub involution of placental sites occurs, but the ultrasonographic actualization of this has not been described.

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